At Sunpower New Energy, we offer the finest battery pack solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V — 18650 LOW TEMPERATURE BATTERY 30L is a remarkable technological advancement, delivering superior performance, safety, and reliability. Whether you need a battery pack for frigid zone rescue, polar research, snow scooters, or any other application, our Li-Ion Cell 3.7V is the ideal choice to power your endeavors.

Embracing Environmental Friendliness with New Energy Li-Ion Battery

Sunpower New Energy is committed to developing environmentally friendly energy solutions. Our 18650 LOW TEMPERATURE BATTERY 30L is a testament to our dedication. By utilizing advanced technology and sustainable materials, we have created a Li-Ion battery that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing energy efficiency. Choose our new energy Li-Ion battery and embrace a greener future without compromising performance.


Longer Cycle Life for Enhanced Durability

Regarding battery longevity, the 18650 LOW TEMPERATURE BATTERY 30L stands out from the crowd. With a longer cycle life, our battery retains approximately 80% of its capacity after 300 cycles, ensuring durability and consistent performance. Whether embarking on extended missions in freezing temperatures or relying on your battery for daily use, our Li-Ion Cell 3.7V is built to last, providing reliable power in low-temperature environments.


Ensuring Safety with Secure Lithium-Ion Technology

Safety is our top priority at Sunpower New Energy, and our Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V meets international electrical power safety requirements. Compliant with CB, UL, SGS, BIS, PSE, KC, MSDS, and UN38.3 standards, our secure lithium-ion battery offers peace of mind in critical applications. With our stringent safety measures and commitment to excellence, you can trust our Li-Ion Cell 3.7V to deliver the power you need while prioritizing user safety.


Conclusion: Choose Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V for Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Sunpower New Energy is your trusted partner for superior battery solutions, and our Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With its larger capacity, excellent safety features, longer cycle life, and a broad range of applications, our Li-Ion Cell 3.7V is the ultimate choice for powering your devices in low-temperature environments. Trust in Sunpower New Energy to deliver a high-quality battery that exceeds your expectations and empowers your endeavors.

Experience the power and reliability of Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V. Embrace our environmentally friendly approach, benefit from its extended cycle life, and rest easy knowing it meets international safety standards. Choose Sunpower New Energy for your battery needs and unlock the full potential of your applications in even the coldest conditions.

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