Hot-Selling Lithium Ion & Lifepo4 Cell Supply

As an outstanding lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Sunpower New Energy offers a wide selection of high rate cylindrical battery cells, including 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery, 26700 LiFePO4 rechargeable battery, Na-ion rechargeable battery. Plus, we can custom battery packs and BMS to satisfy your needs.

  • MOQ=2 Pieces. Supply battery cells according to your needs.
  • Support Battery Cell Sample Delivery. 
  • Support OEM & ODM, starting  your business now
  • Deliver 1-100 pieces of battery cells in 3 days

18650 High Rate Lithium Ion Battery

CB &UL Certification
80% capacity 300 cycle
$0.7 – $2.5

21700 High Rate Lithium Ion Battery

CB &UL Certification
80% capacity 300 cycle
$1.5 – $3.2

18650 & 21700 High Rate Ultra Low-Temperature Battery

CB &UL Certification
$2.8 – $5.6


26700 High Rate LiFePO4 Battery

-20°C to 80°C
CB &UL Certification
$1.1 – $1.9

♦ Custom Li-ion or Lifepo4 battery pack to satisfy your unique needs.

♦ 26700 batteries/21700 batteries/18650 batteries

♦ Best battery pack solutions in power tools, cleaning appliances, drones, garden tools, medical equipment, vehicles, etc.

♦ UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 certification

♦ $20-$300, 1-100 pieces for 5 lead days

♦  Battery management system suits for 10A~200A Li-ion, Lifepo4 or lithium titanate battery pack

♦ High-quality MOS (such as MOSFET) and imported IC (such as TI of USA) to keep your battery for longer cycle life

Top-tier solutions for multiple applications

♦ $5-$100, 1-100 pieces for 5 lead days

Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer for 10 Years


Established in 2014, Sunpower New Energy has been a leading lithium-ion battery supplier in China. We boast 2 major production bases, covering an area of 400,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of over 600 million li-ion cells. Sunpower New Energy provides a great variety of eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries, lifepo4 batteries, and sodium-ion batteries, which feature high capacity, fast high discharge rate, fast high charge rate and long battery cycle life. With BIS, CB, BSMI, UL, and ISO14001 certifications, our high-rate lithium cells are exported to the US, Europe, and Australia.

Sunpower New Energy will be your reliable lithium-ion battery manufacturer. Working with Philips, Stanley, Lidl, TTI, Kärcher, Shark, Groupe SEB, Ecovacs, and Bissell, we supply stable, safe, and clean energy lithium on cells. Sunpower New Energy is strongly responsible for humans, the environment, and the earth. Our vision is to create a sustainable and powerful world with Sunpower Lithium Ion Battery.

MR. Yang Qingxin


Why Choose Sunpower Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer

Professional R&D Teams

With a total investment of 122 million RMB, Sunpower New Energy has established 2 major R&D centers in China and North America. Our R & D teams specialize in high rate lithium battery technology for eco-friendly and long cycle life. Through our great effort, the discharge rate of lithium batteries is 3-10 times that of regular batteries. Additionally, our battery’s cycle life can exceed 3000 cycles under 0.3C charge/discharge conditions, and reach 500-1200 cycles under high discharge rates of 5-10C.

professional lithium-ion battery team in sunpower new energy
quality control in lithium-ion battery manufacture

Mass Production

As an excellent lithium-ion battery supplier, Sunpower New Energy can support any big orders. Covering an area of 400,000 square meters, our factory boasts many automatic battery production lines. It can manufacture about 1,500,000 lithium-ion batteries per day. Based on high productivity, we can deliver you 1-100 pieces only in 3 lead days. If you want a large number of li-ion cells in a few days, we can satisfy your needs and deliver more lithium-ion cells than others.

High-quality Li-ion Cells Supply

Please believe Sunpower New Energy, the best lithium-ion battery manufacturer. We are committed to supplying you with a safe and good-performance lithium-ion battery. With CE, CB, UL, SGS, BIS, ROHS, UN38.8, IEC62133, IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and other systems certifications, our lithium-ion batteries are popular in the global market. We also have physical and chemical testing equipment, including a scanning electron microscope, ICP, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, vibrating density tester, and specific surface tester, to ensure good quality before delivery.


Our li-ion cell can be widely used in home electronics, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, power tools, gardening equipment, vacuum cleaners, snow scooters, drones, military and other fields.

Leading battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy can supply you with safe lithium-ion batteries. We are awarded with lots of certifications, such as IATF16949, ISO14001, and BSCI. And we strictly follow standards like IEC 61960, IEEE-1725, UL2054, UL1642, etc

Our MOQ of Li-ion batteries wholesale is 2pcs. You can contact us for more details.

For new customers in bulk order, we will refund the sample fee and shipping cost.

For long-term cooperation, we will provide free samples when launching new types of lithium-ion batteries

A battery management system(BMS) is an organizer of lithium-ion cells, designed to protect the battery and greatly improve battery performance.

The MOQ of OEM or ODM is 10,000pcs for a single model. The mass production will begin after the sample is approved.

30% deposit before production and 70% balance before delivery

We manufacture li-ion battery samples for about 1~5 workdays and bulk orders for about 7~45 workdays. For more details, you can contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

The shipping time varies from different countries. Generally, 3-8 days for international express, 5-10 days for air transportation, 7-60 days for railway and sea transportation.

One-by-one test two times before packaging. Sampling inspection for one time before delivery.

We have a 1-year warranty after shipment. Get wholesale batteries with confidence. 100% new material for all rechargeable li-ion batteries. High Quality! Low Defective Rate!

Provide us video or photo for reference and confirmation if any lithium batteries have problem; Send goods back and refund money if there are many quality problems caused by us

Replace lithium batteries, share freight and ship back in the next order if there are no man-made quality problems

Repair lithium batteries, share freight and ship back in the next order after maintenance

We would like to sign order contract to ensure interests of both sides; We would like to sign secret agreement if customers ask for it. For return we will hold discount promotion periodically

China Canton Fair 2023​

Top lithium ion battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy participated in the 2023 China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair), with our high quality li-on batteries product. In the fair, many foreign customers were interested in our products and made deals. 

Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy shakes hands with customers in Canton Fair
Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy shakes hands with customers in Canton Fair
Lithium-ion battery company Sunpower New Energy shakes hands with customers in Canton Fair
Lithium-ion battery company Sunpower New Energy shakes hands with customers in Canton Fair


Sunpower New Energy provides superior lithium ion batteries and reliable battery solutions for various application.

Power Tool

Sunpower New Energy provides perfect battery solutions for power tools, such as gun drills, electric hammers, multi-tools, etc.

Vacuum Cleaner

Sunpower New Energy offers ideal battery solutions for various household electric appliances, including vacuum cleaners, electric shavers, lamps, and more.

Snow Scooter

Sunpower New Energy can fulfill the battery application needs of winter outdoor sports, like snow scooters, frigid zone rescue, electric warm shoes, and clothing, etc.

Typical Customers


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