The demand for equipment and technologies that can operate efficiently in cold zones and ultra-low temperature areas is increasing. These environments pose significant challenges to components such as the battery. Traditional batteries are known to suffer from reduced performance and efficiency in cryogenic conditions, which significantly limits their usefulness. Fortunately, low temperature battery solutions exist, and they offer superior performance in these extreme environments. Read on to learn more.



Why Ultra-Low Temperature Affects the Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries


Extremely cold or ultra-low temperature environments have a deep impact on the efficiency and performance of lithium-ion batteries. Many factors contribute to this. These include the following:


Product Recommendation: 18650 Low Temperature Battery

The seasoned battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy offers a wide variety of innovative solutions to overcome the challenges posed by low-temperature environments. With a strong reputation for reliability, we have become a trusted name in the battery industry. Our top product is the ultra low temperature lithium-ion battery 18650, which is specifically designed to operate efficiently in cryogenic conditions.


18650 low temperature battery boasts many performance features that make it suitable for cryogenic environments. These include the following:


  1. Excellent Discharging Performance

18650 exhibits excellent discharging performance with these parameters:

These performance capabilities ensure a consistent and reliable power supply even at extremely low temperatures.


  1. High Energy Density

Featuring about 210~250Wh/kg high energy density, the 18650 low temperature battery allows for extended use without compromising performance, making it ideal for applications that require long-lasting power in cold areas.


  1. Maximum Reliability

18650 can maintain superior performance even in a -50℃ working environment, producing a large current and capacity. This combined with the battery’s robust construction and advanced technology guarantees maximum reliability.


  1. Maximum Safety

18650 low temperature battery passes over acupuncture, heavy impact, and other safety tests as well as meets the most stringent industry standards and certification requirements, including UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 to ensure safe operation even in extreme environments.


  1. Long Cycle Life Span

With 0.5C charge and discharge at -30℃, 18650 exhibits excellent low temperature cycle performance and has a long cycle life span. Its capacity remains over 80% after 300 cycles, making it a cost-effective and long-lasting low temperature battery solution.


  1. Stable Working Operation

18650 maintains a stable operation at a low temperature of -40~60℃ and provides consistent performance even when temperature fluctuations are frequent.

Versatile Applications of 18650 Low Temperature Battery

18650 is an incredibly versatile solution and finds extensive applications across various industries. Its top applications include the following:


  1. Polar Research

In polar research, scientists rely on reliable power sources for data collection and experiments in ultra-low temperature conditions. 18650’s superior performance ensures an uninterrupted power supply, allowing researchers to focus on their work without battery performance concerns.

  1. Frigid Zone Rescue

In frigid zone rescue operations, battery-operated devices are critical for survival and communication. Here, products like the 18650 low temperature battery provide a reliable power source. 18650’s superior performance in cryogenic conditions ensures that frigid zone rescue teams can count on their equipment to function optimally.


  1. Cold Storage Monitoring System

Cold storage monitoring systems require a dependable and stable power supply to maintain the integrity of perishable goods in ultra-low temperature environments. 18650 is well-suited for these systems thanks to its stable operation and long cycle life span.



Overall, low temperature batteries are the ultimate solution for the demanding cryogenic environments which traditional batteries cannot withstand. Sunpower New Energy manufactures cryogenic energy storage products that boast stable working operation, long cycle life span, safety features, high energy density, excellent discharging performance, and more. We are a top choice because of our industry experience, innovative offerings, and excellent after-sales service.


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