Leading Chinese Lithium Ion Battery Since 2014

Sunpower New Energy has provided stable, safe, and clean energy lithium on cells since 2014. We have more than 1300 professional staff to research innovative batteries, operate equipment, and strictly test the li-on cells. With 50 million RMB investment, dedicated teamwork, and advanced technology, Sunpower New Energy has become the best lithium-ion battery in China.

Research & Development Center

The R & D center is composed of many excellent talents, 30% Ph.D. and masters. They always focus on innovative lithium-ion batteries with ultra-low temperatures(Ultra Low-Temperature Battery 18650)or fast charging(High Rate Lithium Ion Battery 18650). Our batteries and custom battery pack always feature high quality, long cycles, and great innovation. We will offer powerful lithium batteries and custom battery packs to our customers.

Automatic Battery Manufacture

Fully automatic battery manufacturing processes and 1300 staff ensure high productivity. We manufacture about 1,500,000 li-on batteries per day. If you want a large number of li-on cells in a few days, we can satisfy your needs and deliver your product more quickly than others.

Strict Quality Control

Why Sunpower New Energy can supply you a safe lithium ion battery. We have physical and chemical performance testing equipment(ICP/GC-MS/SEM/EDS), MES quality management system, and HAAKE rotational rheological testing analysis, to ensure good quality.

Hot-Selling Lithium Ion Cell Supply

As an outstanding lithium battery manufacturer, Sunpower New Energy offers a wide selection of lithium power cell wholesale products, and helps our partners to reach lithium battery solutions.

High Rate Lithium Ion Battery 18650

Durable standard models with long cycle life. Some models are domestic firsts, showcasing low-temperature rise during high current discharging.


High Rate Lithium Ion Battery 21700

A lithium ion battery that leads a performance revolution: high power, high safety, high consistency, and wide temperature range.

Ultra Low-Temperature Battery 18650

Reach -20℃ charge and -40 ℃ high-rate continuous discharge, at the forefront of the performance evaluation.


High Rate Lifepo4 Battery 26700

Setting a benchmark for outstanding cost performance with a wide temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, high energy density, long-lasting life, and exceptional safety.

China Canton Fair 2023​

Top lithium ion battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy participated in the 2023 China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair), with our high quality li-on batteries product. In the fair, many foreign customers were interested in our products and made deals. 


Sunpower New Energy provides superior lithium battery suppliers and reliable battery solutions applied for various scenarios.

Power Tool

Sunpower New Energy provides perfect battery solutions for power tools, such as gun drills, electric hammers, multi-tools, etc.

Vacuum Cleaner

Sunpower New Energy offers ideal battery solutions for various household electric appliances, including vacuum cleaners, electric shavers, lamps, and more.

Snow Scooter

Sunpower New Energy can fulfill the battery application needs of winter outdoor sports, like snow scooters, frigid zone rescue, electric warm shoes, and clothing, etc.

About Sunpower New Energy

A Leading Lithium Battery Manufacturer & Customizable Battery Solution Provider Of Lithium Battery Suppliers

Shenzhen Defond Technology Co., Ltd., also as known as Sunpower New Energy, (a subsidiary of Jiangsu Changhong Sunpower, which stock exchange code is: 836239) is a high-tech start-up with a rich investment supported by the mother company.

Established in 2014, Sunpower New Energy covers an area of 400,000 square meters and a total construction area of 200,000 square meters. We owns two major production bases in Taixing, Jiangsu and Mianyang Sichuan, with an annual production capacity of over 600 million batteries through the efforts of about 1,300 staff. Besides, our business performance has reached 2.3 billion yuan (RMB).

Our parent company Changhong Group was founded in 1958 and has become a comprehensive multinational corporation that features consumer electronics, energy sources, research and development and manufacturing core devices. What’s more, the brand value of Changhong has reached 168.736 billion yuan (RMB) and ranks 288th among World’s top 500 brands. 

As a leading lithium battery manufacturer, we supply innovative and high-quality Changhong sunpower cells products to meet diverse application demands. Our vision is to create a national brand and build a powerful world.

MR. Yang Qingxin



The lithium-ion(Li-ion battery) is a rechargeable battery that uses the lithium ions to power the battery. 18650 battery is the most popular type.

Li-ion cell can be widely used in home electronics, large appliances, power tools, gardening equipment, vacuum cleaner, snow scooter, drone, etc

A reliable battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy can supply you safe lithium ion batteries. We are awarded with lots of certifications, such as IATF16949, ISO14001, BSCI. And we strictly follow standards like IEC 61960, IEEE-1725, UL2054, UL1642, etc

Yes. Li-ion cell is clean and green energy with a long cycle, good for the environment.

Battery management system(BMS) is an organizer of lithium-ion cells, designed to protect the battery and greatly improve battery performance.


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