Sunpower New Energy is thrilled to announce our newest offering in innovative energy solutions – the Changhong Sunpower Cells: 18650 Na-ion Battery. This sodium-ion cell is expected to transform the power sector with its impressive qualities and adaptable uses. Its highlights include minimal internal resistance, exceptional energy conversion efficiency, and speedy charging and discharging abilities, making it a dependable and effective power source for a variety of purposes.


Low Internal Resistance for Superior Performance

The Changhong Sunpower Cells: 18650 Na-ion Battery stands out from the competition due to its remarkably low internal resistance of ≤18mΩ. This feature allows for efficient power transfer, minimizing energy loss and maximizing overall performance. Whether you are using it in electric tools, household energy storage systems, or other applications, this battery ensures enhanced power reliability and longevity.


High Energy Conversion Efficiency

When it comes to energy conversion, every ounce counts. The Changhong Sunpower Cells excel in this aspect, with an impressive energy conversion efficiency. This means that a higher percentage of the stored energy can be effectively utilized, resulting in increased performance and longer battery life. Enjoy the benefits of long-lasting power with Changhong Sunpower Cells supporting your business operations.


Rapid Charging and Discharging Capabilities

In today’s fast-paced world, speed matters. The Changhong Sunpower Cells: 18650 Na-ion Battery offers rapid charging and discharging capabilities, allowing you to get back to work quickly. Whether you need to recharge your electric tools or power your household energy storage system, this battery ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.


Long Life Cycles for Durability

Investing in a power solution means considering its long-term value. With Changhong Sunpower Cells, you can be confident in their long life cycles, providing over 1500 cycles of reliable power. This translates to years of dependable service, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving costs in the long run.


Versatile Applications

Flexibility is key when it comes to power solutions. The Changhong Sunpower Cells: 18650 Na-ion Battery is designed to cater to a wide range of applications. From electric tools used in construction and manufacturing to household energy storage systems for residential use, these cells deliver consistent and efficient power whenever and wherever needed.



In conclusion, the Changhong Sunpower Cells: 18650 Na-ion Battery from Sunpower New Energy offers an exceptional power solution for businesses across various industries. With its low internal resistance, high energy conversion efficiency, rapid charging and discharging capabilities, long life cycles, and versatility in applications, these cells will exceed your expectations. Trust in Changhong Sunpower Cells to provide reliable, efficient, and long-lasting power, enabling you to take your business operations to new heights.

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