Sunpower New Energy is pleased to present the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L, a revolutionary ultra-low-temperature lithium-ion battery. This battery was designed to solve the limits of chemical power supply in cold conditions, providing unsurpassed performance and dependability. We have built a battery that exceeds expectations and opens up new possibilities for various applications thanks to our persistent focus on research and development. Let’s look at the fantastic features and benefits that make the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L the best option for harsh situations.

Unmatched Performance in Freezing Temperatures

The Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L is precisely engineered to thrive in extreme cold. It maintains an impressive -40℃ 0.2C discharge capacity of ≥85%, delivering reliable power in even the harshest conditions. Remarkably, at temperatures as low as -50℃, it retains a discharge capacity of ≥70% at 0.2C. This exceptional low-temperature performance ensures uninterrupted power supply when it matters most, providing peace of mind in critical applications.


Exceptional Low-Temperature Cycle Performance

Durability is paramount in extreme conditions, and the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L rises to the challenge. It demonstrates excellent low-temperature cycle performance, with over 80% capacity remaining after 300 cycles of 0.5C charge and discharge at -30℃. This remarkable longevity ensures that our battery can withstand the rigors of demanding environments, delivering consistent performance and reliability throughout its lifecycle.


Robust Power Delivery in Subzero Environments

The Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L is designed to deliver robust current and capacity even in -50℃ environments. With its advanced formula system and meticulous manufacturing processes, our battery ensures an unwavering power supply, enabling applications to operate seamlessly in the coldest of temperatures. Whether it’s powering critical equipment or supporting essential operations, the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L is a reliable energy source you can depend on.


Unleashing Potential in High-Rate Scenarios

Our low-temperature lithium-ion battery excels in high-rate scenarios. It boasts a capacity retention rate of ≥75% during continuous 5C discharge at -40℃, ensuring that power-hungry applications receive the energy they require even in freezing conditions. Whether high-performance robotics or demanding industrial processes, the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L empowers innovation and drives efficiency in the most challenging environments.


Safety and Compliance Assured

Safety is our top priority at Sunpower New Energy. The Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L has undergone rigorous testing and meets international safety standards, including UL, CB, SGS, BIS, PSE, KC, MSDS, and UN38.3 certifications. We have designed our battery to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring it remains safe and reliable even in the most challenging environments.


Conclusion: Trust Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L for Unmatched Performance in Ultra Low-Temperatures

Sunpower New Energy is committed to pushing the boundaries of energy storage solutions, and the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L is a testament to our dedication. With its remarkable performance, exceptional low-temperature cycle life, and stringent safety measures, our battery provides unmatched power and reliability in extreme conditions—Trust Sunpower New Energy delivers innovative, cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations. Experience the power of the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L and unlock the full potential of your applications in ultra-low-temperature environments.

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