As the demand for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions continues to rise, custom lithium batteries have emerged as a game-changer in various industries. Sunpower New Energy, a leading supplier of high-rate cylindrical lithium batteries, is at the forefront of providing top-notch customized service for different applications. In this article, we will show you the applications and benefits of custom lithium batteries, highlighting their versatility and superior performance.


Custom Lithium Batteries in Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion is gaining momentum across various sectors, and custom lithium batteries play a crucial role in powering these applications. From engine starting batteries in slow-speed cars to electric bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters, Sunpower custom lithium batteries provide reliable and long-lasting performance. Additionally, our Sunpower batteries are extensively used in powering golf trolleys, carts, and sightseeing cars, offering enhanced mobility and efficiency.


Energy Storage Solutions with Custom Lithium Batteries

The need for efficient energy storage solutions is paramount in today’s world. Our Sunpower custom lithium batteries excel in this domain, catering to solar and wind power systems. Whether it’s off-grid or on-grid applications, our batteries offer reliable and sustainable energy storage. Furthermore, our batteries find applications in community, family, RV caravans, and marine yachts, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in various settings.

Backup Systems and UPS Applications

Our custom lithium batteries are a reliable and high-performing choice for critical situations where backup power is absolutely crucial. With the exceptional performance, our batteries have gained widespread usage in various industries such as telecom base stations and CATV systems, where they provide reliable backup power. Additionally, computer server centers rely on our trusted batteries to ensure uninterrupted operations, guaranteeing that vital data and services are always available. The medical instruments and military equipment sectors also greatly benefit from the top-notch backup power solutions offered by our company. Therefore, our batteries are highly regarded for their quality and effectiveness across a diverse range of industries.


Dedication to Quality and Certifications

Sunpower New Energy, with the commitment to excellence, places a strong emphasis on quality and international certifications. Our company’s custom lithium batteries meet UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 certification requirements, ensuring compliance with industry standards. This dedication to quality and certification further instills confidence in customers, making Sunpower New Energy a trusted choice.



Custom lithium batteries from Sunpower New Energy are revolutionizing various industries with the unmatched performance and versatility. From electric propulsion to energy storage solutions and backup systems, Sunpower batteries cater to diverse applications. With an unwavering commitment to quality and international certifications, we continue to lead the way in providing reliable and customized battery solutions for a wide range of needs.

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