At Sunpower New Energy, we are proud to present our 5000mAh 21700 High Rate Lithium Ion Battery 50SE, representing the pinnacle of high-temperature lithium ion battery technology. This revolutionary battery is designed to excel in extreme conditions, allowing you to unleash its power and efficiency without compromise. With a charging temperature that exceeds 45℃ and a discharge temperature surpassing 60℃, our battery delivers exceptional storage and cycle life performance, even in the most demanding environments.

Unleash the Potential of High-Temperature Lithium Ion Battery Technology

What sets our battery apart is its innovative design, which incorporates metal element doping. This unique feature enhances stability while reducing oxidation capacity and inhibiting reactions with the electrolyte at high temperatures. As a result, our battery remains reliable and efficient when other batteries may falter. Trust us to provide you with cutting-edge technology that pushes the boundaries of what high-temperature lithium ion batteries can achieve.


Unmatched Performance and Safety Features

Sunpower New Energy’s battery goes above and beyond when it comes to performance and safety features. Our battery boasts superior anti-swelling performance, ensuring its longevity and reliability even in harsh operating conditions. We prioritize the highest safety standards, guaranteeing optimal performance throughout the battery’s lifespan.


To further ensure efficiency and longevity, our battery has a discharge cut-off voltage of 2.5V and a charging cut-off voltage of 4.2V. These carefully calibrated thresholds not only optimize the battery’s performance but also extend its overall lifespan. Additionally, our product meets UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 certification requirements, providing you with peace of mind regarding safety and compliance. We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials with high energy density, making our battery a sustainable choice for your business.


Applications Across Industries

Sunpower New Energy’s Sunpower 5000mAh 21700 High Rate Lithium Ion Battery 50SE finds wide-ranging applications across multiple industries. In the realm of electric propelling applications, such as engine starting batteries, electric bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and power tools, our battery offers reliable and efficient power to keep these devices running smoothly.


For energy storage solutions, our battery is an ideal choice for solar and wind power systems in residential, commercial, and marine settings. Whether you need to store excess energy or ensure uninterrupted power supply, our battery delivers the performance you require.


Furthermore, our battery excels in backup systems for telecom bases, CATV-systems, computer server centers, medical instruments, and military equipment. These critical applications demand continuous power supply, and with our battery, you can be confident that your operations will remain unaffected by outages.


Moreover, our battery finds applications in security and electronics, mobile POS systems, mining lights, torches, LED lights, and emergency lights. The versatility of our battery makes it suitable for various purposes and ensures enhanced performance and reliability across different sectors.



In conclusion, Sunpower New Energy’s 5000mAh 21700 High Rate Lithium Ion Battery revolutionizes business projects with its exceptional performance, safety features, and versatile applications. Experience the power and efficiency of our innovative battery technology designed for high-temperature environments. Trust Sunpower New Energy to provide you with reliable and cutting-edge power solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of your business.

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