As the leading li-ion battery manufacturing company, Sunpower New Energy has taken pride in providing stable, safe, and clean energy li-ion cells since 2014. We, the li-ion battery manufacturing company Sunpower, have established ourselves as industry pioneers through our investment in advanced technology, dedicated teamwork, and a solid commitment to innovation. In this article, we will delve into our research and development excellence, manufacturing capabilities, and stringent quality control measures that make us the preferred choice in the industry.

Research & Development Excellence

At Sunpower New Energy, our talented research and development (R&D) center is the driving force behind our innovative li-ion battery solutions. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, including 30% Ph.D. and master’s degree holders, who continuously push the boundaries of battery technology. With a strong focus on innovation, we have developed two remarkable battery variations:
  • Ultra Low-Temperature Battery 18650: Designed for extreme environments, our ultra-low-temperature batteries exhibit exceptional performance even in the harshest conditions. These batteries ensure a reliable power supply in frigid temperatures, making them ideal for applications in cold climates or extreme environments.
  • High-Rate Lithium Ion Battery 18650: Our high-rate batteries are engineered for fast charging, catering to industries that require quick turnaround times. With enhanced charging capabilities, these batteries enable efficient power replenishment, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
In addition to our specialized battery variations, we emphasize the development of high-quality batteries and custom battery packs. Our commitment to quality, long cycles, and innovation ensures that our customers receive reliable and cutting-edge energy storage solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Manufacturing Capabilities and Quality Control

Sunpower New Energy boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with fully automatic battery manufacturing processes. With a dedicated workforce of 1,300 professionals, we achieve high productivity, manufacturing an impressive 1,500,000 li-ion batteries per day. This manufacturing prowess allows us to fulfill large-scale orders efficiently, delivering products to our customers within tight deadlines.
To ensure the superior quality of our batteries, we implement stringent quality control measures. Our manufacturing processes integrate physical and chemical performance testing equipment, such as ICP, GC-MS, SEM, and EDS, to thoroughly analyze and validate the performance and safety of our batteries. By utilizing the MES quality management system, we maintain consistent quality throughout the production process. Furthermore, the HAAKE rotational rheological testing analysis enables us to assess the mechanical properties and stability of our batteries, ensuring their reliability and longevity.


As Sunpower New Energy, we take pride in our position as a pioneering li-ion battery manufacturing company. Through our research and development excellence, we introduce innovative battery variations such as ultra-low temperature and high-rate batteries. Our manufacturing capabilities, backed by fully automatic processes and a skilled workforce, enable us to meet large-scale production demands efficiently. With stringent quality control measures in place, we ensure that our batteries consistently meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and reliability. Just in time for this Thanksgiving, trust Sunpower New Energy as your preferred partner for all your li-ion battery needs, and experience the excellence and innovation that sets us apart.
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