In today’s rapidly evolving world, high-temperature environments pose significant challenges for many industries. At Sunpower New Energy, we have developed the state-of-the-art 21700 Li-ion battery to address these challenges head-on. Our battery is designed to provide unmatched performance and reliability in extreme temperatures, making it an ideal choice for business projects that primarily focus on wholesale supply and other solutions.

High-Temperature Performance and Reliability of the 21700 Li-ion Battery

With stable operation in harsh environments, our Sunpower 21700 Li-ion battery can withstand temperatures reaching up to 85℃. This remarkable feat ensures that our battery continues to function optimally even under the most demanding conditions. Additionally, our battery exhibits superior cell performance, with less than 2% swelling at high temperatures. This exceptional characteristic guarantees longevity and reliability, keeping our customers’ equipment running smoothly.


One of the key strengths of our 21700 Li-ion battery is its long endurance and impressive discharge efficiency, even at temperatures as high as 120℃. With a discharge efficiency of over 90%, our battery outperforms competing products, providing a consistent and reliable power source for critical operations. No matter how challenging the environment, you can rely on our battery to deliver outstanding performance and meet your project requirements.


Cutting-Edge Specifications and Safety Measures of the 21700 Li-ion Battery

At Sunpower New Energy, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of innovation. Our 21700 Li-ion battery boasts a long cycle life of ≥600 cycles, enabling extended usage and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This durability not only provides cost savings but also contributes to a more sustainable approach in various industries.


To ensure the utmost safety and reliability, our 21700 Li-ion battery adheres to stringent certification requirements. It is compliant with UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 certifications, guaranteeing that our battery meets the highest industry standards. With these certifications, we prioritize the safety of our customers and offer them peace of mind when choosing our products for their business projects.


Our battery’s technical specifications further reinforce its superiority in the market. It features a discharge cut-off voltage of 2.5V and a charging cut-off voltage of 4.2V, providing optimal utilization of power. The maximum charge current of 5A and continuous discharge current of 30A enable rapid recharging and efficient power delivery, meeting the demands of high-performance applications.


Diverse Applications of the 21700 Li-ion Battery in Various Industries

Sunpower New Energy’s 21700 Li-ion battery finds versatile applications across multiple industries. In electric propelling applications, such as electric bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters, our battery delivers the power and performance needed for smooth and efficient transportation. It enables longer travel distances, faster speeds, and enhanced overall user experience.


For energy storage in solar and wind power systems, our 21700 Li-ion battery provides a reliable solution for on-grid and off-grid settings. It efficiently stores excess energy generated by renewable sources, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply. Whether it’s a small-scale residential system or a large-scale commercial installation, our battery is the perfect choice for energy storage needs.


Moreover, our battery plays a crucial role in backup systems and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for telecom, medical, and military equipment. It ensures uninterrupted operation during power outages or in remote locations, safeguarding critical operations and preserving data integrity. Additionally, our battery finds applications in security devices, mining lights, and emergency lighting, providing reliable power for essential functions in these industries.



Sunpower New Energy’s 21700 Li-ion battery is at the forefront of high-temperature battery technology. With exceptional performance, cutting-edge specifications, and diverse applications, our battery excels in business projects that prioritize wholesale supply and other solutions. Choose our battery to experience the reliability, longevity, and safety your projects demand. Trust Sunpower New Energy as your partner for innovative energy solutions, and together, we can drive progress and success in the dynamic world of high-temperature environments.

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