Sunpower New Energy, a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, offers a remarkable selection of low-temperature batteries under the 18650 series. These cutting-edge batteries have been specifically engineered to overcome the challenges associated with temperature limitations in chemical power supply. In this article, we will delve into two exceptional variants of Sunpower low-temperature battery 18650: the 25L and the 30L.


Revolutionizing Energy Storage: Introducing the Low Temperature Battery18650 25L

At Sunpower New Energy, we take immense pride in our ability to develop groundbreaking battery technologies that address the inherent temperature defect in chemical power supply. Within our low temperature battery 18650 range, we introduce the 25L variant. This ultra-low temperature lithium ion battery boasts an impressive capacity of 2500mAh, operating at 3.7V with a discharge rate of 8C. It is the result of extensive research and development, where we have incorporated an innovative design concept, advanced formula system, and carefully selected materials. By adhering to rigorous manufacturing processes and methods, we have successfully overcome numerous technical bottlenecks to create a series of low-temperature lithium ion battery products that deliver exceptional performance.

Unprecedented Performance in Cold Conditions: Exploring the Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L

In addition to the 25L, we are excited to present the 30L variant in our low-temperature battery 18650 lineup. With a capacity of 3000mAh, this lithium ion battery operates at 3.7V and offers a discharge rate of 5C. Similar to its counterpart, the 30L battery has been meticulously designed to tackle the challenges posed by low temperatures in chemical power supply. At Sunpower New Energy, we have employed an innovative design concept, integrated advanced formula systems, and utilized robust manufacturing processes to develop this remarkable battery solution. The 30L variant is specifically tailored to provide reliable and efficient power, even in environments where conventional batteries struggle to perform optimally due to temperature constraints.


In conclusion, Sunpower New Energy’s low-temperature battery 18650 series constitute a key milestone in battery technology. The 25L and 30L variants exemplify our dedication to creating specialized solutions that can operate flawlessly in extreme cold conditions. Leveraging our expertise, we have successfully engineered batteries that deliver exceptional performance while overcoming the limitations of temperature in chemical power supply. By providing reliable power even in demanding environments, we aim to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy landscape. Through our breakthrough low-temperature batteries, Sunpower New Energy is indeed unleashing power in extreme environments.