Welcome to Sunpower New Energy, the leading provider of advanced battery solutions. We are excited to introduce our flagship product, the Sunpower 26700 Battery. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our high-rate LiFePO4 battery delivers exceptional performance and reliability. With its superior anti-swelling performance, high safety standards, and remarkable endurance in high-temperature environments, the Sunpower 26700 Battery is the ideal choice for energy storage applications in both on-grid and off-grid settings. Trust Sunpower to power your energy storage systems with unrivaled performance and reliability.

Sunpower 26700 Battery: High-Rate LiFePO4 Technology

Experience the power of Sunpower 26700 Battery, featuring high-rate Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. Our battery is designed to deliver maximum power output and efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of applications that require high-rate performance. Trust Sunpower for the ultimate power solution.


Superior Anti-Swelling Performance and High Safety Standards

Sunpower 26700 Battery is engineered with superior anti-swelling properties and high safety performance. Our battery maintains its structural integrity even in high-temperature environments, ensuring reliable and safe operation. Trust Sunpower for a battery that prioritizes safety and peace of mind.


Exceptional Endurance: 120℃ High Temperature > 70 Cycles

Sunpower 26700 Battery showcases exceptional endurance in high-temperature environments. With a remarkable lifespan of over 70 cycles at 120℃, our battery ensures consistent and reliable performance even in extreme heat. Count on Sunpower for endurance that surpasses expectations.


Energy Storage: Empowering Solar and Wind Power Systems

Sunpower 26700 Battery is the perfect choice for energy storage applications, including solar and wind power systems. Whether you’re harnessing renewable energy for residential or commercial purposes, our battery provides reliable power storage to optimize energy usage. Trust Sunpower for efficient and sustainable energy storage solutions.


On-Grid and Off-Grid Power Solutions

Sunpower 26700 Battery offers versatile power solutions for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Whether you need reliable power for city infrastructure or remote off-grid locations, our battery ensures uninterrupted power supply and smooth operation. Trust Sunpower to power your on-grid and off-grid setups with efficiency and reliability.



Sunpower 26700 Battery from Sunpower New Energy is the ultimate power solution for high-rate applications and energy storage systems. With its superior anti-swelling performance, high safety standards, and exceptional endurance in high-temperature environments, our battery delivers unrivaled performance and reliability. Trust Sunpower to power your energy storage systems in both on-grid and off-grid settings. Experience the power and reliability of Sunpower 26700 Battery and unlock the potential of high-rate performance for your applications.