At Sunpower New Energy, we aim to align ourselves with the standards of Japan and South Korea’s world-class brands. We strive to export our products worldwide, delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest industry standards. With our Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE, we continue to push the boundaries of energy storage technology, offering exceptional high-temperature performance and reliability. Let’s explore the remarkable features and benefits that make our li ion cell the ultimate choice for demanding applications.

Good Storage and Cycle Life Performance in High-Temperature Conditions

The Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE is designed to excel in high-temperature environments. Our battery demonstrates excellent storage and cycle life performance, ensuring long-lasting power even under extreme heat. With a charging temperature tolerance higher than 45℃ and a discharge temperature tolerance higher than 60℃, our li-ion cell provides reliable power delivery in challenging conditions.


Stability, Safety, and Reliability in Harsh Environments

Regarding stability, safety, and reliability, the Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE stands out. Our battery is engineered to withstand all kinds of harsh environments, offering superior performance and peace of mind to users. With a maximum operating temperature of 85℃ and a cell swelling rate of less than 2% at a high temperature of 120℃, our li-ion cell guarantees safety and stability even in the most demanding circumstances.


Long Endurance and Extended Cycle Life

We understand the importance of endurance and longevity in battery performance. The Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE excels in these areas, with its ability to endure 70 cycles at a high temperature of 120℃ while maintaining a discharge efficiency of over 90%. Moreover, our li-ion cell boasts a long cycle life of ≥600 cycles, ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use.


Meeting International Certification Standards

Sunpower New Energy prioritizes safety and compliance with international standards. The Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE meets UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 certification requirements, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and quality. Our commitment to using environmentally friendly materials with high energy density further reinforces our dedication to sustainable energy solutions.


High-Temperature Battery Technology for Optimal Performance

Our high-temperature battery technology sets the Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE apart from the competition. Through the calcination process, our anode material is doped with metal elements, enhancing the crystal structure stability of lithium cobalt oxide at high temperatures. This innovation reduces oxidation capacity and inhibits reactions between the electrode material and electrolyte, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging thermal conditions.


Conclusion: Trust Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE for High-Temperature Power Solutions

Sunpower New Energy is committed to delivering exceptional high-temperature power solutions. With our Sunpower 21700 Li ion Battery 50SE, customers can expect stability, safety, and reliability in harsh environments. We align ourselves with world-class brands, ensuring that our products meet the highest industry standards. Experience the power of Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell 50SE and unlock the full potential of your applications in demanding conditions—Trust Sunpower New Energy to provide cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations and deliver reliable power in high-temperature environments.

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