In today’s fast-paced world, reliable and high-performance batteries play a crucial role in powering various sports and leisure applications. Sunpower New Energy, a leading manufacturer committed to producing top-quality batteries, introduces our revolutionary Sunpower 18650 battery. This article explores the immense potential of Sunpower 18650 in sports and leisure activities, highlighting its unparalleled performance in extreme temperatures.

The Power of Sunpower 18650 in Sports and Leisure

Sunpower 18650 sets a new benchmark by delivering exceptional performance in extreme cold conditions. With a discharge capacity of ≥85% at -40℃ and ≥70% at -50℃, our battery ensures reliable power supply even in frigid environments. Furthermore, its excellent low-temperature cycle performance and capacity retention guarantee optimal functionality.


High Current and Capacity in Cold Environments

Operating at -50℃, Sunpower 18650 exhibits remarkable capabilities, offering high current and capacity. Our battery enables seamless performance in demanding cold working environments, making it ideal for sports and leisure activities in icy conditions. Additionally, its low-temperature charge and discharge specifics ensure consistent and reliable power delivery.


Applications of Sunpower 18650

Robot and UAV Operations in Cold Zones: Sunpower 18650 batteries provide vital energy to robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operating in harsh, cold zones. With the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and deliver high current, our batteries ensure uninterrupted performance and reliable power supply for critical missions.

Polar Research and Frigid Zone Rescue Missions: In polar research and frigid zone rescue operations, our 18650 batteries serve as a lifeline. They power essential equipment, including communication devices, sensors, and navigation systems, enabling reliable data collection and efficient rescue missions.

Cold Storage Monitoring Systems for Temperature-Sensitive Products: Maintaining optimal temperatures in cold storage facilities is crucial for preserving temperature-sensitive products. Our Sunpower 18650 offers a reliable power source for monitoring systems, ensuring precise temperature control and product integrity.

Motion Cameras for Capturing Outdoor Activities: Outdoor enthusiasts rely on motion cameras to capture their adventures. Sunpower 18650 batteries provide long-lasting power for these cameras, ensuring uninterrupted recording and allowing users to document their thrilling experiences.

Power Communication and Public Security Equipment: Sunpower 18650 is also instrumental in powering communication and public security equipment. From emergency lighting systems to backup power supplies, our batteries offer reliable energy storage, ensuring seamless operation during critical situations.



Sunpower New Energy’s Sunpower 18650 battery has revolutionized the sports and leisure industry by delivering outstanding performance even in challenging weather conditions. Our  lithium-ion battery stands out for its exceptional reliability and power, making it a game-changer across multiple sectors. And our dedication to innovation and quality further solidifies our reputation as a trusted supplier of advanced battery solutions, adeptly meeting the ever-changing demands of global markets.

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