At Sunpower New Energy, we understand that every application has specific power requirements. That’s why we offer tailored battery pack solutions to suit your environment. Whether operating in the cold zone or ultra-low-temperature areas, our team of experts will provide you with the best battery pack solution. With Sunpower New Energy, you can trust that your power needs will be met with precision and expertise.

Embracing a Greener Future with New Energy Li-ion 18650 Batteries

Sunpower New Energy is committed to environmental sustainability. Our Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L is a new energy lithium-ion battery that not only delivers exceptional performance but also contributes to a cleaner environment. By choosing our battery, you’re making a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint and support a greener future. Experience the power of our eco-friendly battery solutions and make a positive impact on the planet.


Long Cycle Life for Reliable Performance in Low Temperatures

Durability is crucial, especially in low-temperature environments. The Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L offers a longer cycle life, with approximately 80% capacity remaining after 300 cycles. This exceptional cycle life ensures that our battery can withstand the demands of your applications, providing reliable and consistent performance even in freezing temperatures. Trust in the durability of Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L for extended use in challenging environments.


Safety First – Compliant with International Electric Power Standards

Safety is our top priority at Sunpower New Energy. Our lithium-ion batteries, including the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L, comply with international electric power safety standards, such as CB, UL, SGS, BIS, PSE, KC, MSDS, and UN38.3. We have conducted rigorous testing and implemented stringent quality control measures to ensure our batteries meet the highest safety standards. With Sunpower New Energy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your battery solution is safe and reliable.


Applications of the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L in Ultra Low-Temperature Environments

The Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L is ideally suited for various applications in cold and ultra-low-temperature environments. This versatile battery can power special equipment such as robots and UAVs, support polar research and frigid zone rescue missions, enable cold storage monitoring systems, enhance motion cameras, provide reliable power for communication and public security systems, drive medical electronics, and even power electric warm shoes and clothing. Whatever your unique requirements, Sunpower New Energy has the perfect battery solution for you.


Conclusion: Choose Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L for Reliable Power in Challenging Environments

Sunpower New Energy is dedicated to providing tailored battery solutions that empower your environment. With our customized battery packs, eco-friendly lithium-ion technology, long cycle life, and adherence to stringent safety standards, the Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L stands out as a reliable and efficient power solution for low-temperature applications. Trust in Sunpower New Energy to deliver exceptional performance, sustainability, and safety. Experience the power of Sunpower 18650 Battery 30L and unlock the full potential of your applications in cold and ultra-low-temperature environments.

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