When it comes to powering innovation in extreme low-temperature environments, Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V from Sunpower New Energy is the brand to trust. Engineered to excel in even the most challenging environments, our product sets new standards for reliability and performance. With the ability to maintain optimal operation at -50℃, produce large current and capacity, pass rigorous safety tests, and adhere to international certification requirements, our Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking a dependable and efficient power source.


Robust Performance in Extreme Cold

The Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V demonstrates exceptional performance even in frigid working environments. Operating flawlessly at -50℃, this cutting-edge battery ensures that your devices continue to deliver peak performance when it matters most, enabling uninterrupted productivity and dependability for your business operations.


Powering Large Currents and Capacities

With the Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V, businesses gain access to a power source capable of producing large currents and capacities. This capability is particularly important for applications that require robust energy output, such as electric rides, portable devices, and high-power machinery. Our battery empowers you to operate at maximum efficiency without compromising on performance.


Reliability Tested Through Rigorous Safety Assessments

When it comes to safety, the Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V surpasses industry standards. It has undergone extensive testing, including low temperature over acupuncture and heavy impact assessments. These tests ensure that our battery can withstand harsh conditions, providing businesses with peace of mind and an extra layer of protection for their valuable equipment and operations.


Certified Quality and Environmental Responsibility

At Sunpower New Energy, we prioritize both quality and environmental sustainability. The Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V meets international certification requirements, including UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 standards. This certification guarantees that our product adheres to strict quality control and safety measures, ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply for businesses. Additionally, our commitment to environmental protection is evident through the use of eco-friendly materials, minimizing our carbon footprint.


Sunpower New Energy: Your Partner in Power Solutions

As a trusted industry leader, Sunpower New Energy has a proven track record of providing innovative energy storage solutions. Our Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our dedication to meeting the unique needs of our clients. With our battery, you gain a reliable and long-term partner, ready to support your business’s growth and success.



In conclusion, the Sunpower Li-ion Cell 3.7V is a game-changing power solution for businesses operating in extreme conditions. Its ability to maintain optimal performance at -50℃, deliver large currents and capacities, pass stringent safety assessments, and meet international certification requirements make it the go-to choice for reliable and efficient energy storage. Trust Sunpower New Energy to be your partner in powering your business forward with our cutting-edge technology and commitment to environmental responsibility.


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