Welcome to Sunpower New Energy, your reliable lithium-ion battery manufacturing partner. As a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, we have established a strong reputation for providing dependable and certified battery solutions that power a wide range of applications. Sunpower New Energy is dedicated to offering great dependability and ensuring that our batteries satisfy the highest industry standards.

High-Quality Battery Solutions for Various Applications

We, the top lithium ion battery manufacturer Sunpower, offer a diverse range of high-quality battery solutions that cater to different needs and industries.

Our lithium-ion batteries are designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of power tools. Whether cordless drills, saws, or impact drivers, our batteries deliver consistent power output, allowing professionals and DIY enthusiasts to work precisely and confidently. As a top lithium ion battery manufacturer, Sunpower New Energy is dedicated to empowering productivity and enabling users to achieve outstanding results.

In the realm of household appliances, our lithium-ion batteries provide reliable energy storage solutions. From smart home devices to portable electronics, our batteries ensure an uninterrupted power supply for everyday use. With Sunpower New Energy batteries, you can trust that your devices will operate seamlessly, enhancing your daily life and providing the convenience you deserve.

Sunpower New Energy is at the forefront of sustainable mobility solutions by powering various traffic tools with our lithium-ion batteries. Electric bicycles and scooters can rely on our batteries for extended range and reliable performance. As a top lithium-ion battery manufacturer, we are committed to promoting eco-friendly transportation options and enabling a greener future.


Ensuring Power and Endurance in Critical Applications

In critical applications where reliability is paramount, Sunpower New Energy’s lithium-ion batteries excel.

Our batteries are vital in ensuring uninterrupted power supply for life-saving medical equipment. From ventilators to portable monitors, our lithium-ion batteries provide the necessary backup power to support critical healthcare operations. With Sunpower New Energy batteries, medical professionals can focus on saving lives, knowing they can rely on our top-quality and certified battery solutions.

In the fast-paced world of communication, seamless connectivity, and reliable backup power are crucial. Sunpower New Energy’s lithium-ion batteries power communication equipment, such as mobile base stations and walkie-talkies, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even during power outages. Our batteries provide reliable backup power, allowing uninterrupted communication and keeping individuals and businesses connected.



Sunpower New Energy is the top choice for reliable and certified lithium-ion batteries. With our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and meeting stringent industry certifications, we ensure that our batteries exceed expectations in terms of reliability and performance. Whether it’s powering power tools, household appliances, traffic tools, medical equipment, or communication devices, Sunpower New Energy’s lithium-ion batteries provide the power and endurance you can trust. Just in time for this Thanksgiving, choose Sunpower New Energy as your preferred lithium-ion battery manufacturer and experience the difference we bring to your applications.

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