Sunpower New Energy excels in providing outstanding custom lithium batteries, including the 26700, 21700, and 18650 models. As a reliable brand that upholds the stringent standards set by leading brands from Japan and South Korea, our dedication lies in delivering top-tier products worldwide.

Unleashing Performance through Customization

To ensure efficiency and precision in our customization process, our PACK business department is equipped with state-of-the-art fully automated production lines and an advanced manufacturing warehouse logistics system. This enables us to meet your specific needs with unmatched accuracy and speed.


Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Needs

When you choose Sunpower New Energy, you gain access to a wide range of Sunpower custom lithium batteries. We understand that every application has unique requirements, which is why we offer the following customization possibilities:


  1. Customized battery size and shell material: We recognize the importance of finding the perfect fit for your application. That’s why we provide the flexibility to customize the dimensions and choose suitable shell materials for your battery packs.


  1. Customized BMS charging and discharging current: Optimizing the performance of your battery pack is crucial for achieving your desired results. Our team can adjust the charging and discharging current according to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.


  1. Customized connection types, plug and socket, and connector wire: We believe in providing seamless integration and compatibility. You have the option to customize the connection types, plug and socket configurations, and even the connector wire, making it easier for you to integrate our battery packs into your systems.


To guarantee compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards, our lithium battery packs hold essential certifications such as UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3. These certifications provide you with the confidence that our products are not only reliable but also environmentally friendly.


Furthermore, we understand the importance of finding a battery pack that fits perfectly within your application. That’s why we offer the flexibility to tailor the capacity and dimensions of our battery packs to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.


Versatile Applications Across Industries

Sunpower New Energy’s custom lithium batteries serve a variety of industries, providing reliable power solutions for diverse applications. Here are some examples:


  1. Electric propelling applications: Our battery packs excel in various electric propulsion scenarios, including engine starting batteries, electric bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and power tools. With our customized solutions, you can expect efficient and dependable performance for these applications.


  1. Energy storage solutions: Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or marine applications, our lithium battery packs offer effective energy storage solutions for solar and wind power systems. We help you harness renewable energy efficiently and contribute to a greener future.


  1. Backup systems: Uninterrupted power supply is critical in many industries. Our battery packs function flawlessly as backup power sources for telecom bases, CATV-systems, computer server centers, medical instruments, and military equipment. Count on our customized solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.


  1. Other applications: From security and electronics to mobile POS systems, mining lights, torches, LED lights, and emergency lighting, our custom lithium batteries cater to a wide range of specialized applications. Sunpower New Energy provides the necessary power and reliability to meet the unique demands of these industries.



In conclusion, Sunpower New Energy offers exceptional customization services for lithium battery packs. With our commitment to delivering superior products globally, state-of-the-art production facilities, and a wide range of customizable options, we ensure that our solutions perfectly meet your specific needs. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of custom lithium batteries in diverse applications.

Sunpower New Energy