At Sunpower New Energy, we offer a comprehensive and customized Battery Management System Lithium Ion that enhances the performance of the solutions in wholesale, supply, and other sectors. Our first-class BMS service is tailored to meet diverse application needs, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. By aligning our standards with world-class brands, we consistently deliver exceptional quality and reliability in each of our battery management systems.

Customized Battery BMS for Enhanced Performance

We take pride in exporting our products worldwide, catering to the global demand for top-notch Sunpower Battery Management System Lithium Ion solutions. Whether you are in the wholesale business or involved in the supply chain, our customized BMS service empowers your operations, driving efficiency and productivity. With Sunpower New Energy’s BMS, you can trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering solutions that meet your specific requirements.


Smart Active Equalization BMS System for Efficient Operations

Our Intelligent BMS is designed to optimize battery packs ranging from 10A to 200A, making it ideal for a wide range of business applications. Whether you work with Li-ion batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, or lithium titanate batteries, our BMS system ensures efficient operations and maximizes the potential of your power source. The system incorporates comprehensive functions such as over-charging protection, over-discharging protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, charging equalization, discharging equalization, static equalization, and more.


With our Smart Active Equalization BMS System, you can achieve optimal balance and performance within your battery pack. Equipped with an equalization current of 5A to 20A, our BMS system ensures that each cell reaches equilibrium with minimal differential pressure and stand-by current. This advanced equalization technology sets us apart in the market, surpassing the capabilities of other BMS systems.


Main Applications and Advantages of Sunpower New Energy’s BMS

Our Battery Management System Lithium Ion finds extensive application across various industries, catering to business operations that require electric propulsion, energy storage, backup systems, and more. Whether you’re involved in electric vehicles, solar/wind power solutions, or telecommunications infrastructure, our BMS system provides the crucial control and protection required for seamless operations.


At Sunpower New Energy, we prioritize quality and longevity. Our BMS system incorporates high-quality MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) components sourced from reputable manufacturers like Infineon, as well as imported ICs (Integrated Circuits) such as Mitsumi. By utilizing these superior components, we ensure extended cycle life and dependable performance for your lithium-ion battery packs.


Additionally, our BMS system includes an aluminum alloy heat sink that effectively dissipates heat, allowing for optimal performance even under high working currents. With our state-of-the-art heat dissipation technology, you can trust that our BMS system will maintain stable and efficient operations for your business applications.



Sunpower New Energy is dedicated to optimizing business solutions through our Battery Management System Lithium Ion. With our customized BMS service, we meet the unique needs of wholesale, supply, and other sectors, providing enhanced performance and efficiency. Our Smart Active Equalization BMS System ensures efficient operations with its intelligent features and comprehensive functions. From electric propulsion to energy storage and backup systems, our BMS system is versatile and adaptable to diverse applications. Trust in Sunpower New Energy to deliver industry-leading BMS solutions that optimize your business operations and drive success.

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