We at Sunpower New Energy are dedicated to improving business applications with our unique Battery Management System Lithium Ion. Our top-notch BMS service is built to accommodate a variety of industries and ensure increased performance and efficiency. Our bespoke BMS solutions are built to fulfill individual needs since we recognize that each application has specific specifications and demands.

Custom Battery BMS for Enhanced Efficiency

By classifying our Sunpower Battery Management System Lithium Ion systems based on different specifications, we can offer the most suitable solution for your business operations. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your requirements and develop a Battery Management System Lithium Ion that aligns perfectly with your goals. From battery packs for electric vehicles to energy storage systems for solar and wind power, our custom BMS solutions empower your business with optimized performance and efficiency.


Smart Active Equalization BMS System for Improved Performance

One of the key features of our Battery Management System Lithium Ion is the Smart Active Equalization technology. This technology plays a vital role in improving the performance and longevity of your battery packs. Our BMS system provides essential protection, including over-charging, over-discharging, and temperature protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of your business operations.


To achieve optimal balance within the battery pack, our BMS system employs a real equalization current ranging from 5A to 20A. This innovative technology sets us apart from others in the market, as it allows for precise control and balancing of individual cells. With minimal differential pressure and stand-by current, our BMS system ensures that each cell reaches equilibrium, maximizing the overall performance and efficiency of your system.


Application Scenarios and Benefits of Sunpower New Energy’s BMS

Our Battery Management System Lithium Ion finds wide-ranging applications across various industries, making it an ideal choice for business operations. Whether you require BMS solutions for electric propulsion, energy storage, backup systems, or other specific applications, our custom BMS solutions deliver outstanding performance.


For electric vehicles, our BMS system provides the necessary control and protection for efficient and reliable operation. In the field of solar and wind power, our BMS solutions enable seamless energy storage, ensuring optimal utilization of renewable resources. Telecom infrastructure relies on our BMS systems to safeguard critical backup systems, while other industries benefit from our advanced technology in achieving their objectives.


One of the major advantages of Sunpower New Energy’s BMS is its extended cycle life. By incorporating high-quality MOS components sourced from reputable manufacturers, we ensure durability and reliability in every BMS system we offer. Our commitment to quality extends to efficient heat dissipation, thanks to the incorporation of an aluminum alloy heat sink. This feature guarantees stable and efficient operations even under challenging conditions.



Sunpower New Energy is dedicated to enhancing business applications through our custom Battery Management System Lithium Ion. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, we provide first-class BMS services that cater to diverse industries such as wholesale, supply, and other sectors. Our Smart Active Equalization BMS System ensures improved performance by offering features such as over-charging and over-discharging protection, real equalization current, and equilibrium maintenance. From electric propulsion to energy storage and backup systems, our BMS solutions find extensive application, bringing benefits like extended cycle life, high-quality MOS components, and efficient heat dissipation. Trust Sunpower New Energy for customized BMS solutions that optimize your business operations and drive success.

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