In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, where innovation drives progress, the significance of lithium ion cells cannot be overstated. At Sunpower New Energy, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of this revolution, seamlessly integrating the power of lithium ion cells into a myriad of applications, from electronics to everyday life.

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Lithium Ion Cells: The Backbone of Modern Electronics

The heart of modern electronics beats with the power of lithium ion cells. These cells, with their compact design and remarkable compatibility, serve as the driving force behind a wide range of devices. From some of your trusty electronic products to essential household appliances and even the traffic tools that keep our cities moving smoothly, the lithium ion cell’s energy prowess is unparalleled. These cells also play a crucial role in enabling communication and medical devices, ushering in an era of advanced healthcare solutions that rely on efficient and reliable power sources.


Expanding Applications Beyond Electronics

The influence of lithium ion cells doesn’t stop at electronics. Our Sunpower lithium ion cells have catalyzed the evolution of cordless power tools, offering users both convenience and mobility without sacrificing performance. Moreover, as the world embraces energy efficiency, Sunpower lithium ion cells have found their place in household appliances, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, the transportation sector has experienced a significant shift with the integration of lithium-ion-powered technology, contributing to reduced emissions and a greener future.


Sunpower New Energy’s Commitment to Excellence

At Sunpower New Energy, our dedication to excellence is unwavering. Our investments in research and advanced technology have paved the way for groundbreaking developments. We’ve focused on the R&D of ultra-low temperature and quick-charge lithium-ion batteries, ensuring high safety and magnification within our battery packs. This dedication to innovation is further bolstered by an international professional team, including experts from South Korea and Japan, driving us to the forefront of lithium-ion technology.

Our production processes stand as a testament to our commitment. Automation, intelligence, and informatization define our operations, supported by fully automatic homogenate and assembly systems. With a capacity of 1,500,000 pieces of lithium batteries per day, we’re able to consistently meet demand without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, our dedication to quality is demonstrated by our adherence to stringent international standards. Our advanced physical and chemical performance testing equipment, along with a robust quality management system, ensures traceability and compliance. Our certifications, including IATF16949, ISO14001, and BSCI, underscore our commitment to delivering safe and reliable lithium ion cells that meet the highest industry benchmarks.



The versatility of lithium ion cells extends far beyond the realm of electronics, touching every facet of modern life. At Sunpower New Energy, we’re not just witnessing this evolution – we’re pioneering it. With a history of excellence and a commitment to innovation, we continue to drive progress and empower industries across the globe with the power of lithium ion cells.


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