Welcome to Sunpower New Energy, a trusted name in advanced battery solutions. We are excited to introduce our flagship product, the Sunpower 21700. Engineered to excel in high-temperature environments, the Sunpower 21700 is a high-performance lithium ion battery that redefines endurance and safety. With its superior anti-swelling performance and high safety standards, our battery is the ideal choice for applications that demand reliability and efficiency in challenging conditions. Trust Sunpower to provide you with the power and endurance you need in high-temperature environments.


Sunpower 21700: Unleashing High-Temperature Performance

Sunpower 21700 is designed for high-temperature applications, setting new standards for performance and reliability. With its exceptional storage performance and cycle life under high-temperature conditions, our battery ensures optimal performance even in the harshest environments. Experience the power and endurance of Sunpower 21700.


Superior Anti-Swelling Performance and High Safety Standards

The Sunpower 21700 is engineered with superior anti-swelling properties and high safety performance. Our battery maintains its structural integrity, even in extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable and safe operation. Trust Sunpower to deliver a battery that prioritizes safety and peace of mind in high-temperature environments.


Unmatched Endurance: 120℃ High Temperature > 70 Cycles

Sunpower 21700 showcases unparalleled endurance in high-temperature environments. With a remarkable lifespan of over 70 cycles at 120℃, our battery ensures consistent and reliable performance. Experience the longevity and efficiency of Sunpower 21700, even under extreme heat.


Efficient Discharge: Over 90% Discharge Efficiency

Our Sunpower 21700 lithium ion battery goes beyond endurance, offering exceptional discharge efficiency. With a discharge efficiency of over 90%, our battery maximizes the utilization of stored energy, ensuring optimal performance and longer run times. Choose Sunpower for efficiency that goes the extra mile.


Sunpower 21700: Powering Challenging Applications

Sunpower 21700 lithium ion battery is the ideal choice for applications that demand high performance and endurance in high-temperature environments. From electric rides to energy storage systems, our battery excels in a variety of challenging applications. Trust Sunpower to provide the power and reliability you need, regardless of the conditions.



Sunpower 21700 lithium ion battery from Sunpower New Energy is the ultimate solution for high-temperature environments. With its superior anti-swelling performance, high safety standards, and exceptional endurance, our battery ensures reliable and efficient operation. Trust Sunpower to deliver the power and performance you need in demanding applications. Choose Sunpower 21700 and experience the difference that superior performance and endurance can make in high-temperature environments.