The ground-breaking Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L, developed by Sunpower New Energy to perform admirably in extremely chilly situations, is now available. In these difficult circumstances, our business provides a complete solution that supports several applications. We will discuss the exceptional performance of our Sunpower Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L and its potential in extremely chilly situations in this post.


Unmatched Performance in Extreme Cold

When it comes to low temperature batteries, Sunpower New Energy’s Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L outshines the competition. It delivers high discharge capacity and retention even in frigid temperatures. With this battery, our clients can rely on optimal performance at -40℃ and -50℃, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in the most extreme cold environments.

Furthermore, our Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L exhibits exceptional capacity retention during cycles at -30℃. After 300 cycles, it retains over 80% of its original capacity, showcasing its durability and longevity. This outstanding performance ensures that our battery remains reliable and efficient even in the coldest conditions.


Robust Current Delivery and Exceptional Capacity Retention

Our Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L is engineered to deliver robust current and exceptional capacity retention in frigid conditions. It operates reliably at low temperatures, ensuring uninterrupted power supply when it is needed the most. Whether it’s a critical application or a demanding task, our battery will perform flawlessly, thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, our battery exhibits high-rate discharge capabilities at -40℃, allowing for rapid and efficient energy transfer. This feature makes it an ideal choice for applications that require quick bursts of power in extreme cold environments. With Sunpower New Energy’s Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L, your equipment will operate at peak performance in the harshest conditions.


Technical Specifications and Safety Compliance

The Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L by Sunpower New Energy comes with detailed specifications to meet the specific requirements of our clients. The model number, color, shape, dimensions, and weight ensure compatibility with various equipment. The material composition and characteristics, including the advanced NCM/NCA chemistry, guarantee outstanding performance in extreme cold environments.

With a capacity, voltage, charge-discharge rate, and resistance optimized for excellent performance, our battery is tailored to exceed expectations. The discharge and charging cut-off voltages, along with the current ratings, ensure efficient energy management. The operating temperature range and rechargeability further enhance the versatility of our battery.

At Sunpower New Energy, safety is of utmost importance. Our Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L undergoes rigorous testing and complies with stringent certifications to ensure the highest safety standards for our clients.


Applications in Cold and Ultra-Low Temperature Environments

The versatility of our Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in extreme cold environments. It empowers specialized equipment such as robotics, UAVs, and polar research equipment, ensuring optimal performance even in the most challenging conditions. For frigid zone rescue operations and cold storage monitoring systems, our battery provides the necessary power for seamless operations.

In addition, our battery finds extensive use in power communication, medical electronics, and public security. It ensures reliable power supply for critical applications in extreme cold conditions, enabling seamless communication and operations. Moreover, our battery is compatible with electric warm clothing and footwear, providing comfort and protection in extreme cold environments.



Sunpower New Energy’s Low Temperature Battery 18650 30L is the ideal solution for applications in extreme cold environments. With unmatched performance, robust current delivery, and exceptional capacity retention, our battery empowers various industries to operate efficiently in the harshest conditions. Trust Sunpower New Energy to provide cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations and enhance performance in extreme cold environments.