Welcome to Sunpower New Energy, your trusted source for high-quality custom lithium batteries. Our cutting-edge energy solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries, providing reliable power for a wide range of applications. From power tools and household appliances to traffic tools, sports, leisure, medical equipment, and communication devices, our custom lithium batteries offer precision, versatility, and exceptional performance.

Empowering Efficient Work Practices in Power Tools and Household Appliances

Sunpower custom lithium btteries are revolutionizing power tools and household appliances by delivering unparalleled performance and extended runtime. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our batteries provide the reliability and power you need to tackle any task. Designed with advanced technologies, our lithium batteries offer higher energy density, longer life cycles, and faster charging capabilities.

By integrating Sunpower custom lithium batteries into power tools, you can experience increased productivity, improved efficiency, and reduced downtime. Similarly, our batteries are the ideal choice for a wide range of household appliances, offering extended usage time, enhanced portability, and outstanding safety features. From cordless drills and saws to vacuum cleaners and cordless kitchen appliances, Sunpower custom lithium batteries elevate your everyday tasks to new heights.


Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Traffic Tools, Sports, and Leisure Applications

Sunpower custom lithium batteries play a vital role in the development of traffic tools as well as sports and leisure applications. In the fast-paced world of traffic tools, our batteries power electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and scooters, providing reliable energy storage solutions for a greener and more sustainable future. With their lightweight design and high energy density, Sunpower custom lithium batteries offer extended range, faster recharging, and enhanced safety features.

Moreover, in sports and leisure applications, our batteries are the preferred choice for powering electric skateboards, hoverboards, drones, and more. These batteries provide the necessary power for thrilling adventures while ensuring safety and extended playtime. Sunpower custom lithium batteries are reshaping the way we travel, exercise, and have fun, delivering unparalleled performance and durability.


Revolutionizing Healthcare and Communication with Reliable Energy Storage

The healthcare industry relies heavily on cutting-edge medical equipment, and dependable energy storage is essential for smooth operations. Sunpower custom lithium batteries meet the stringent demands of medical equipment, powering devices such as patient monitors, defibrillators, portable ultrasound machines, and more. With their exceptional energy density and long cycle life, our batteries ensure consistent and uninterrupted power supply, giving peace of mind to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Furthermore, in the era of connectivity, communication devices have become indispensable. Sunpower custom lithium batteries offer a reliable power source for wireless headphones and other communication equipment. Our batteries provide extended usage time, improved performance, and enhanced safety, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go.



Sunpower New Energy takes pride in supplying custom lithium batteries that integrate seamlessly into various industries and applications. From empowering efficient work practices in power tools and household appliances to enhancing safety and performance in traffic tools, sports, leisure, medical equipment, and communication devices, our batteries offer precision, versatility, and unbeatable reliability.

Experience the unparalleled power of Sunpower custom lithium batteries and witness how they transform your operations, whether it’s through increased productivity, extended usage time, or unmatched safety features. Trust Sunpower New Energy to provide innovative energy solutions that meet your unique requirements, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals in a rapidly evolving world.