Welcome to Sunpower New Energy, your trusted source for cutting-edge energy storage solutions. As pioneers in the industry, we are proud to introduce the Sunpower 21700 li ion cell, a revolutionary product that combines superior performance with exceptional safety features. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable attributes of this cell, including its anti-swelling capabilities, high safety performance, and use of environmentally friendly materials.


Sunpower 21700 Li ion Cell: Redefining Power Storage Solutions

At Sunpower New Energy, we understand the importance of reliable energy storage solutions for businesses operating in high temperature environments. Our Sunpower 21700 li ion cell is designed to exceed expectations and deliver unmatched results. With unrivaled performance and advanced safety features, our cell is the ideal choice for businesses seeking a powerful and secure energy storage solution.


Superior Anti-Swelling Performance: Ensuring Long-Term Reliability

One of the standout features of the Sunpower 21700 li ion cell is its superior anti-swelling performance. Through meticulous engineering and the use of cutting-edge materials, this cell minimizes the risk of swelling, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. Say goodbye to concerns about cell expansion and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your energy storage system is protected from potential damage.


High Safety Performance: Empowering Your Business in Extreme Conditions

When it comes to operating in high temperature environments, safety is paramount. The Sunpower 21700 li ion cell provides optimal safety measures, making it perfectly suited for demanding conditions. With a cell swelling rate of less than 2% and zero instances of fire or explosion, even at temperatures as high as 120℃, you can rely on our cell to safeguard your operations and assets.


Environmental Considerations: A Greener Energy Storage Solution

As champions of sustainability, Sunpower New Energy is committed to using environmentally friendly materials. The Sunpower 21700 li ion cell exemplifies this commitment by utilizing high-energy density materials that minimize environmental impact. By choosing our cell, you not only optimize your energy storage capabilities but also contribute to a greener future for our planet.


Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Business with Sunpower New Energy

At Sunpower New Energy, we take pride in delivering innovative and reliable energy storage solutions that empower businesses worldwide. With our Sunpower 21700 li ion cell, you gain access to a remarkable product that offers unparalleled performance, superior safety, and eco-friendly design. Embrace the power of Sunpower today and unlock new possibilities for growth, efficiency, and sustainability.



In conclusion, the Sunpower 21700 li ion cell is a game-changer in energy storage technology, specifically designed for high temperature environments. Its remarkable anti-swelling performance, high safety standards, and use of environmentally friendly materials make it the perfect choice for businesses seeking a powerful and reliable energy storage solution. Join the Sunpower New Energy revolution and experience the difference firsthand.