As a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Sunpower New Energy takes pride in delivering tailor-made battery solutions that power seamless mobility and endurance. With our extensive expertise in lithium-ion battery technology, we, the lithium-ion battery manufacturer Sunpower, are committed to providing high-quality and reliable battery packs for various applications.

Powering Sustainable Transportation and Leisure Activities

At Sunpower New Energy, we understand the importance of efficient and sustainable battery solutions in transportation and leisure. Our custom lithium-ion batteries are designed to meet the unique power requirements of different mobility and leisure applications.

In leisure activities, we provide lithium-ion battery packs for golf trolleys and sightseeing cars, enhancing the overall leisure experience. Our batteries power these vehicles, enabling smooth rides and effortless navigation. By choosing Sunpower New Energy as their lithium-ion battery manufacturer, customers can enjoy long-lasting power, reducing the need for frequent recharging and ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment on the golf course or during sightseeing tours.

Electric bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters are becoming increasingly popular as eco-friendly transportation options. At Sunpower New Energy, we offer custom battery solutions that provide reliable power for these vehicles. Our lithium-ion battery packs ensure extended range and efficient performance, enabling hassle-free and sustainable commuting. With our batteries, riders can experience the convenience and eco-consciousness of electric mobility.


Enabling Endurance and Reliability in Sports and Leisure Applications

Beyond transportation, our lithium-ion battery packs power sports and leisure equipment, enabling endurance and reliability in various activities. Whether it’s powering sports gear, providing portable power solutions for outdoor activities, or ensuring sustainable energy storage for recreational vehicles, Sunpower New Energy has you covered.

Our lithium-ion battery packs are designed to enhance performance and fun in sports activities. From electric skateboards to surfboards, our batteries deliver the power and endurance needed for thrilling experiences. Athletes and enthusiasts can rely on our batteries to keep up with their high-intensity activities and enjoy extended playtime.

For outdoor enthusiasts, we offer portable power solutions that ensure a continuous energy supply during camping trips and other outdoor adventures. Our lithium-ion battery packs are lightweight and compact, providing convenient power for charging devices, running portable lights, and more. With our batteries, customers can enjoy the freedom of untethered exploration while staying connected and powered up.

RV caravans and marine yachts require reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions. Sunpower New Energy offers lithium-ion battery packs that provide long-lasting power for these recreational vehicles. Our batteries have high energy density, ensuring ample power for lighting, appliances, and other onboard systems. With our sustainable energy storage solutions, customers can enjoy comfortable and eco-friendly journeys, knowing they have a reliable power source.



Sunpower New Energy, your trusted lithium-ion battery manufacturer, is dedicated to powering seamless mobility and endurance in various applications. With our custom battery solutions, we enable sustainable transportation options and enhance leisure activities. Whether it’s slow-speed vehicles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters, or leisure equipment and recreational vehicles, our high-quality lithium-ion battery packs deliver reliable power and extended endurance. Just in time for this Thanksgiving, choose Sunpower New Energy as your partner in achieving efficient and eco-friendly mobility and leisure experiences.

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