As a leading innovator in energy storage solutions, Sunpower New Energy is proud to introduce the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V. This remarkable battery is specifically designed to excel in ultra-low-temperature environments, opening up new possibilities for a wide range of applications. Let’s explore the diverse applications where the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V shines, delivering reliable power in even the coldest conditions.

Revolutionizing Robotics and Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V is the ideal power source for robots and UAVs operating in extreme cold. Its ability to maintain high current and capacity at temperatures as low as -50°C ensures uninterrupted performance for critical missions. From search and rescue operations to industrial inspections, our battery empowers robotics and UAVs to conquer the harshest environments, providing reliable and efficient power to drive innovation.


Enabling Polar Research and Frigid Zone Rescue

In polar research and frigid zone rescue missions, where low temperatures are a constant challenge, the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V truly shines. Its exceptional low-temperature cycle performance and extended cycle life make it the perfect choice for powering scientific instruments, communication devices, and emergency equipment in these demanding environments. Researchers, explorers, and rescuers can rely on the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V to deliver the power they need most.


Supporting Cold Storage Monitoring Systems and Motion Cameras

Cold storage monitoring systems play a crucial role in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and logistics. The Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V provides a reliable and efficient power solution for these systems, ensuring continuous operation and accurate temperature monitoring in freezing environments. Additionally, motion cameras employed in surveillance and wildlife monitoring benefit from the battery’s ability to maintain high capacity and performance in extreme cold, capturing critical moments with precision.


Powering Communication, Public Security, and Medical Electronics

In the field of communication and public security, reliable power is essential. The Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V offers a dependable energy source for communication devices, ensuring seamless connectivity and real-time information exchange even in low-temperature conditions. Furthermore, medical electronics, such as portable medical devices and cold chain transportation systems, can rely on our battery’s exceptional performance to deliver critical healthcare services and maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive medical supplies.


Enhancing Comfort and Safety with Electric Warm Shoes and Clothing

Cold weather can be challenging, but with the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V, we can bring warmth and comfort to people’s lives. Our battery powers electric warm shoes and clothing, providing an efficient and safe heating solution for outdoor activities, winter sports, and work in freezing conditions. With our battery technology, individuals can stay warm and protected, enabling them to embrace the outdoors regardless of the temperature.



Sunpower New Energy is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, and the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V is a testament to our dedication. With its versatility, reliability, and exceptional performance in ultra-low-temperature environments, our battery is revolutionizing a wide range of applications. From robotics and polar research to cold storage monitoring systems and electric warm clothing, the Sunpower Li-Ion Cell 3.7V empowers industries and individuals to thrive in the coldest conditions. Choose Sunpower New Energy and experience the future of ultra-low-temperature power solutions.

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