Sunpower New Energy is pleased to announce its ground-breaking Smart Active Equalization Battery Management System (BMS). As a world-class technology, our custom BMS for lithium battery sets a new industry standard, harmonizing with the quality of world-class brands from Japan and South Korea. We export our custom BMS solutions worldwide, giving unrivaled advantages for lithium battery applications, focusing on quality and innovation.

Unmatched Equalization Performance

Sunpower custom BMS for lithium battery takes equalization capabilities to new heights. Unlike many BMS solutions in the Chinese market, our Smart Active Equalization BMS provides an accurate equalization current ranging from 5A to 20A. This significant advantage ensures that each cell in your lithium battery pack is precisely balanced, promoting longer cycle life and optimized performance. With Sunpower’s custom BMS, you can trust that your battery pack will operate at its full potential.


Premium Components for Enhanced Reliability

At Sunpower New Energy, we prioritize reliability and durability in our custom BMS solutions. Our protection board uses high-quality MOS components, including renowned brands like Infineon MOS and imported ICs like Mitsumi. By incorporating these premium components, we guarantee the longevity and stability of your battery pack. With Sunpower’s custom BMS, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lithium battery is protected by industry-leading technology.


Efficient Heat Dissipation for High-Current Applications

Sunpower custom BMS for lithium battery is designed to excel even in high-current applications. Our BMS features a high-quality aluminum alloy heat sink that ensures efficient heat dissipation. This heat sink is crucial in maintaining optimal operating temperatures, safeguarding the battery pack from overheating and potential performance degradation. With Sunpower custom BMS for lithium battery, your battery pack can withstand high working currents while maintaining reliability and longevity.


Exporting Excellence Worldwide

Sunpower New Energy is committed to exporting our custom BMS solutions worldwide, bringing excellence to customers across the globe. With our dedication to aligning with the standards of Japan and South Korea’s world-class brands, we ensure that our custom BMS meets the highest quality and performance benchmarks. Trust Sunpower for your custom BMS needs and experience the innovation and reliability that sets us apart.


Conclusion: Sunpower New Energy: Your Trusted Partner for Custom BMS Solutions

Sunpower New Energy is a reliable partner for unique Battery Management System solutions. With premium components and efficient heat dissipation, our world-class Smart Active Equalization BMS technology provides unrivaled performance and dependability for lithium battery applications. Sunpower’s custom BMS solutions meet the industry’s highest standards and are committed to exporting quality internationally. Choose Sunpower for your lithium battery requirements and discover the unique and dependable power of our proprietary BMS technology.

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